Important Note: This roadmap serves as a guide and is subject to adjustments based on development progress and community feedback.


  • Market Analysis: Deep-dive into the current blockchain security landscape, identifying key pain points, and trends.

  • Vision & Mission: Define EyeSecu's core mission in safeguarding Web3 and outline our values around trust and collaboration.

  • Building the Foundation: Company formation, team assembly, and establishment of technical infrastructure.

  • AI Auditor Development: Initial development and refinement of EyeSecu's AI-powered smart contract analysis engine.

  • Community Building: Launch social channels and begin fostering an engaged community of security-minded developers and investors.


  • Smart Contract & Token Creation: Deploy smart contracts for the $ESCU token. Develop & launch secure and user-friendly token creation tools.

  • Staking Launch: Implement staking mechanisms that incentivize network participation and token holding.

  • AI Auditor Refinement: Continued testing and improvement of the AI Auditor, enhancing its accuracy and the scope of vulnerabilities it can identify.

  • Platform Design: Design the core user interface and security dashboards for the EyeSecu platform.


  • Beta Testing: Invite select users to test core features of EyeSecu, gather critical feedback, and ensure robust functionality.

  • Audit Partnerships: Initiate strategic partnerships with other audit firms, expanding reach and expertise.

  • Ecosystem Growth: Expand token listings (DEXs and potential CEXs), ramp up marketing initiatives, and onboard early projects that can utilize EyeSecu's services.

  • AI Auditor Upgrade: Introduce advanced features for the AI Auditor, such as explanatory diagrams or comparison tools for analyzing similar contracts.


  • Advanced Features: Launch premium services on the platform (tailored consultations, in-depth reports).

  • API & Integrations Develop APIs to allow easy integration of EyeSecu's AI Auditor into wallets, exchanges, and other DApps.

  • Community Governance: Implement the first governance mechanisms for $ESCU holders.

  • Knowledge Hub: Begin building a comprehensive resource center for blockchain security education, tutorials, and best practices.

Looking Ahead

EyeSecu is committed to continuous innovation. Our roadmap extends beyond these initial phases, with plans for:

  • AI Evolution: Continual training and improvement of our AI models to stay ahead of evolving attack vectors.

  • Blockchain Expansion: Support for additional blockchain networks.

  • Proactive Threat Detection: Develop AI-powered tools to detect potential vulnerabilities even before a contract is deployed.

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