🟨Rug Scanner

Rug Scanner: Your On-The-Spot Defense Against Smart Contract Scams

EyeSecu's Rug Scanner delivers rapid security insights into smart contracts across major blockchains. Get a clear snapshot of common red flags in seconds.

Supported Chains

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Ethereum

  • Polygon (Soon)

  • Arbitrum(Soon)

Instant Insights: Key Security Indicators

  • Verified Contract? Is the code public? Lack of verification is a major red flag.

  • Proxy & Mint Risks: Can someone alter the token after launch? Watch for potential manipulation.

  • Ownership Games: Transparent ownership structure and no hidden changes.

  • Honeypot Check: Flags characteristics of contracts designed to trap funds.

  • Trading Freedom: Looks for sell restrictions, transfer pauses, and other limits.

Rug Scanner: Your DeFi First Aid Kit

Think of Rug Scanner as a smart contract triage tool. It helps you quickly weed out obvious scams and identify projects that warrant closer scrutiny with a full audit. Remember: Always do your research (DYOR), but start with our quick and easy scan.

Protect Yourself – Use Rug Scanner Today

Visit Rug Scanner on Our Dashboard and start assessing contracts. Let EyeSecu help you navigate the DeFi landscape with more confidence.

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