EyeSecu AI, including its overall project, the $ESCU token, website, smart contracts, and any associated applications, does not constitute a licensed, unlicensed, or exempted financial or payment service in any jurisdiction. The use of terminology within our whitepaper, website, or applications is intended for general reference only and does not carry the same legal implications as similar terms used within regulated financial environments.

The EyeSecu AI smart contracts are open-source and have undergone security audits. However, it is important to understand that even audited smart contracts carry inherent risks. $ESCU is strictly a utility token and is not to be considered a security or regulated financial instrument in any jurisdiction. EyeSecu AI does not represent $ESCU as an investment, a store of value, or an asset-backed token.

Important Considerations

By acquiring or interacting with $ESCU tokens, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • Understanding of Risks: You are aware of the risks associated with blockchain technology, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency markets. EyeSecu's team and its associates shall not be held liable for any financial losses or tax implications you may experience.

  • Volatility & Responsibility: Cryptocurrency markets are inherently volatile. Invest responsibly and only within your means. Due diligence and independent research are crucial before making any investment decisions.

  • Development Timelines: While EyeSecu aims to adhere to its roadmap, future developments are subject to change. Delays or adjustments to the timeline should not be considered a breach of representations.

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