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Token Creation: Launch Securely with EyeSecu

EyeSecu's ERC-20 Contract Creator empowers you to launch your own ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Our focus on security, usability, and audited templates sets us apart.

Benefits of using EyeSecu's Token Creator

  • Confidence Through Security: Start with pre-audited contract templates, ensuring a stronger foundation for your token and reducing potential vulnerabilities.

  • Customization Without Complexity: Easily set your token's name, symbol, supply, and other core parameters through a user-friendly interface. No complex coding required.

  • Seamless Deployment: Your generated token is ready for immediate integration into existing wallets, exchanges, and DeFi applications on the Ethereum ecosystem.

  • Ongoing Support: EyeSecu can provide audit services for any other custom features or functionality you add to your token, promoting long-term trust in your project.

Custom Smart Contracts & DApps

Need more than a standard ERC-20 Token? EyeSecu's experienced developers can build a wide range of customized smart contracts and DApps. Here's a sample of what we offer:

  • Mintable, Burnable, & Capped Tokens: Fine-tune your token's supply mechanisms.

  • Governance & Voting Systems: Empower your community with on-chain decision making.

  • Dividend & Reward Distribution: Create automated income streams for token holders.

  • Secure Time-Locks & Vesting: Protect long-term investors and ensure orderly release.

  • Advanced Features: Access control, token recovery functions, and more.

The EyeSecu Advantage

We don't just generate code; we build secure foundations for your project. Collaborate with our team to ensure your token or smart contract meets your goals and prioritizes the safety of your user's assets.

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