The EyeSecu Token Generator by EyeSecu AI is an innovative tool that simplifies the process of creating ERC20 tokens, which are among the most popular standards for creating and issuing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. This tool is designed with a focus on security, efficiency, and user accessibility, making it an ideal solution for projects of all sizes.

BY EYESECU AI ERC-20 SMART CONTRACT Generator,WE OFFER: β€’ Simplified Token Creation: Users can create their own ERC20 tokens through an intuitive interface without needing in-depth programming knowledge. β€’ Pre-Audited Templates: All templates used in the ERC20 Contract Creator have undergone rigorous auditing by Reflect Audit's team of blockchain security experts, ensuring that the generated contracts are secure and compliant with the latest standards. β€’ Customizable Parameters: Projects can customize key token parameters, including the token name, symbol, total supply, and decimals, to fit their specific requirements. β€’ Integrated Security Features: The tool includes built-in security features such as anti-bot mechanisms, ensuring that newly created tokens are protected against common threats and vulnerabilities. β€’ Seamless Integration: Tokens created with the ERC20 Contract Creator are ready for immediate deployment and integration into the Ethereum ecosystem, including exchanges, wallets, and dApps.

β–  Custom build Smart Contract & Dapp:

  1. Standard ERC-20 Tokens: The most basic form of ERC-20 tokens, suitable for a wide variety of applications including utility tokens for projects.

  2. Mintable ERC-20 Tokens: Tokens that allow for the creation of additional tokens post- deployment, often used in projects that require a flexible supply.

  3. Burnable ERC-20 Tokens: Tokens that can be "burned" or permanently removed from circulation, which is useful for managing tokenomics and supply.

  4. Capped ERC-20 Tokens: These have a maximum supply limit that can't be exceeded, ensuring scarcity and preventing dilution of value.

  5. Governance Tokens: Used for voting and governance mechanisms within decentralized applications (dApps).

  6. Dividend Tokens: These can distribute profits or other rewards to token holders, often used in securities or investment platforms.

  7. Deflationary Tokens: Tokens that automatically reduce supply with each transaction, often through a burn mechanism to create scarcity.

  8. Time-Locked Tokens: Tokens that can only be transferred after a certain time or condition has been met.

  9. Upgradeable Contracts: Smart contracts that can be upgraded to a new logic contract, allowing for improvements and fixes post-deployment.

  10. Access-Controlled Tokens: Tokens that include role-based permissions for executing certain functions within the contract.

  11. Token Recover Feature: Contracts that allow the recovery of accidentally sent tokens, adding an extra layer of security for users.

β– Token Generator (No coding) Instant Deployment:

The eyesecu token generator ERC-20 Contract Creator is designed with simplicity and security at its core. Users can create their own ERC-20 token by filling out a straightforward web form, specifying token details such as name, symbol, total supply, and decimal places. Our intuitive interface guides users through the process, eliminating the complexities traditionally associated with smart contract development.

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