🟨Staking Program

EyeSecu Staking: Earn Rewards, Secure the Network

Participate in securing the network and earn compelling rewards with EyeSecu's flexible staking pools. Choose the option that best suits your investment goals, with varying durations and APYs.

Your Staking Options

PoolDurationMinimum StakeAPYDescription


5 Days

$300 ESCU


Quick returns, minimal commitment


15 Days

$500 ESCU


Higher returns, moderate lock-up


30 Days

$800 ESCU


Maximum rewards, long-term focus

Why Stake with EyeSecu

  • Support Network Security: Your stake helps validate transactions and strengthen the blockchain you're invested in.

  • Competitive Returns: Earn attractive APYs, especially compared to traditional savings.

  • Flexibility: Options for both short-term gains and long-term growth strategies.

  • EyeSecu Trust: Our platform prioritizes the same security standards we apply to our audits.

Start Staking Today

Visit the EyeSecu Staking On our Dashboard to secure your spot and start earning rewards.

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