Risk Notice

While EyeSecu AI takes great care in building secure and reliable smart contracts, it's crucial to remember that blockchain technology and smart contracts carry inherent risks. Please proceed with caution and acknowledge the potential for unforeseen issues.

EyeSecu AI is not a financial advisor. Our platform, website content, and the $ESCU token are not investment advice. All information is provided for educational and informational purposes only. Independent research and due diligence are essential. We are not liable for any investment decisions made based on the information or services provided by EyeSecu.

Remember, cryptocurrency markets are volatile. Invest responsibly. Consider seeking advice from a qualified financial professional before making any investment decisions related to the $ESCU token or other cryptocurrencies.

Additional Considerations (Optional, if relevant to your project):

  • Staking Risks: If staking $ESCU is a core utility, briefly outline risks associated with locking tokens, potential slashing, or impermanent loss.

  • Platform Development: Delays in new features or unforeseen technical issues may arise, despite our best efforts, impacting the use of the $ESCU token.

Let me know if you have specific risks that you'd like emphasized in the notice!

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